A grouper, similar to those found in the Medes IslandsThe Medas Islands tower out of the water just offshore from Estartit, which is home to a number of dive centres. The islands have several dive sites, including a huge cavern called Dofi (dolpin) with a bronze statue of a dolphin, and have been protected since 1990, since when it has been strictly forbidden to remove anything, living or dead. The result is an area with rich flaura and fauna, an abundence of tame fish, including huge groupers, and coral. The largest island is topped by a lighthouse, and a handful of people can stay on the island at a time.

Although the visibility can be good, extensive rainfall sweeps a lot of mud into the water around Estartit and the Medas islands suffer extensively when this happens. Aerial photos taken at such times show the water to be completely brown for a considerable distance from Estartit.

The number of divers to the Medas is regulated to avoid any negative environmental impact, which is policed by the dive centres that use the location. Divers must pay a tax to visit the islands, which may be explicit or hidden in the price of the dive.

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